DE Clarke is heating up

It would be hard to find a hotter recruit than Jeremiah Clarke. Since the spring evaluation period started the defensive end from Alexandria (Va.) T. C. Williams has picked up no less than five scholarship offers.
"I got Virginia Tech Tuesday, Tennessee on Monday, Connecticut on Friday, Miami last Tuesday and on the first Monday of the evaluation period I got Nebraska," said the 6-foot-4, 276-pound Clarke. "I just started talking to Alabama also. Lance Thompson came by to watch me work out. I'm going to go to their camp over the summer.
"I've been talking with Coach Papuchis from Nebraska for a while now," he said. "We've been talking about everything and been getting to know each other. I know a lot about their program and I wanted to go to their spring game but it didn't work out. We've been talking through Facebook and Twitter. He asked me to call him up one day and he told me I have an offer from Nebraska.

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"Miami offered on Tuesday of last week," Clarke said. "The coach came by the school and said he had watched my film then watched me work out. I called him later that night and talked for about an hour and he offered me.
"The Connecticut coach came last Friday and already had the letter in his pocket and said he hopes Connecticut still had a chance to jump in," he said. "They also offered another one of my teammates.
"I've been talking to Coach Thigpen from Tennessee for a while and he said he was going to offer about two weeks ago," said Clarke. "He came by the school and saw me in person. I guess he wanted to see me in person first before he offered.
"I've been talking to Virginia tech since last signing day," he said. "They had talked to me a few weeks ago and Bud Foster told me they were going to offer me once they saw me in person. I already knew an offer would be coming. I was going to go for their spring game but something came up. Virginia tech has been my dream school but I've never been there. Since I was little I've been saying I wanted to play football at Virginia Tech and now everyone is laughing because I finally got the offer that I've been waiting for."
This recruiting process is getting hectic for Clarke because so many schools are trying to stay in contact with him.
"I've been in touch with Georgia Tech," Clarke said. "They have told the only reason they haven't offered is because they want to see what my interest level in Georgia Tech is. It's nothing to throw an offer out there but not even consider going there. They would be better off knowing if a player is interested in them first.
"I'm going to North Carolina this coming Saturday and Miami on May 18," he said. "I've been talking to Coach Bell at North Carolina for a while so I just really want to get down there. I really want to see the campus at Miami. My uncle always said that if I get an offer from 'The U' I had to go visit."
Clarke is looking for a way to slow things down because of how crazy things are getting.
"I actually plan on committing or narrowing my list down by May 31, my mom's birthday," said Clarke. "It would be a nice present and I can calm the recruiting down. I'm going to try to commit but if not, I'll have my official top five."
Clarke has more than 15 offers from schools like Virginia, Penn State, West Virginia and others.