DE basically down to two

Sugar Land (Texas) Dulles defensive end Tim Washington said he’s down to two teams. So who are the lucky two?
If you said Oklahoma and Texas, then you’re only half right. After saying Oklahoma was his leader for much of the recruiting process, Washington said on Monday afternoon that he’s “basically” down to two teams.
“I’m basically down to Texas and LSU,” Washington said. “I just feel like those two teams are the guys that are recruiting me the hardest right now and I get the best feeling about.”

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When asked about Oklahoma, Washington, who is 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, said he really didn’t have an explanation why the Sooners are not in his final two.
“It’s a long story,” Washington said. “They’re not out of it totally, but I’m just focused on those two more now.”
Many think that Oklahoma cooled on Washington when the Sooners landed a commitment last week from Alonzo Dotson, allowing the door to be opened up for Texas and LSU.
But Washington said that he wouldn’t be afraid of playing at the same school that Dotson does. He also said he knows that Texas is in the running for Jarvis Moss and that LSU is also in line to land some talented defensive linemen.
“You’re going to have competition no matter where you go,” Washington said. “I know that I’m going to have to work hard no matter where I go. It’s just looking like that place is probably now going to be Texas or LSU.”
Washington is ranked as the nation’s No. 11 strongside defensive end. He missed some of his senior season with a foot injury that he is still rehabilitating.