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DC corner Davis picks up new offer

The No. 1 player in Washington D.C., cornerback Vontae Davis has picked up a new offer this week from the Big East. Who did the 6-foot-0, 184-pounder get the offer from and what does he think of the program?
"My coach told me that Connecticut offered me this week when they stopped in for a visit," he said. "That's key for them because I know and will look at the schools that are interested in me by the fact if they offer. That's why I favor Illinois and North Carolina so far since they offered early. Connecticut is a rebuilding program, but they have a good team and I like the fact that I probably could play early."
The three-star prospect still has a lone official visit scheduled with Illinois on October 21st and has not confirmed any other visits to date and is very wide open for the other visits.
Davis is planning to take a few unofficials though.
"I'm probably looking to attend the Virginia Tech-Maryland game," he said. "I think it'll probably be a close game since it's a big-time contest and I would like to see Maryland play to their potential. I'm also considering the North Carolina-Maryland game since I'm looking at both schools. Overall all the schools are equal still and no one is better than the rest."
This season the three-star prospect has helped his team to a 1-1 start.
"The season is going pretty good, but it's too bad that most teams respect me and so they don't throw to my side of the field," he said. "I've been making my tackles this year and have been consistent with that, but I haven't gotten an interception yet. My coach is using me on offense and it allows me to set up plays for my teammates and I've gotten a couple catches so far and run a touchdown. I'm getting better on offense as we go, it's fun and this is the first year I've really done it. It's something different and I like that the coaches want to make me as good as I can be."
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