DBs stand out at Houston NUC

HOUSTON - The National Underclassmen Combine returned for an afternoon session at Jones Cowart Stadium in Houston, Texas, and leading the way for the players was Overall MVP sophomore DB Chad Moncure of Travis High School.
Moncure (6 feet, 172 pounds) was sensational in the one-on-ones and did not allow a single pass completion during the entire session. He possesses fantastic cover skills and is an impressive athlete, who had a 31.5-inch vertical, 4.59 40, 9'6 1/2" broad, 4.28 shuttle, and 22 reps on 155 pounds. Also showing impressive cover skills was DB MVP sophomore Duran Snoddy of Cy-Fair High School. Snoddy(5 feet 11, 172 pounds) broke up several passes during the one-on-ones, and also had a 28-inch vertical, 4.70 40, 4.47 shuttle, 8'5" broad, and 16 reps on 155 pounds.
Winning the DL MVP was sophomore Tyler Vickery of Industrial High School. Vickers (6 feet 1, 199 pounds) possesses great athleticism, and showed this off during both the drills and combine events. During the combine events he had a 4.71 40, 4.59 shuttle, 8'0" broad, 24.5-inch vertical, and 17 reps on 185 pounds. Also impressing at the defensive line position was sophomore Brendan Scullane of Kingwood High School. Scullane (6 feet, 250 pounds) had a 4.92 40, 4.83 shuttle, 24-inch vertical, and 19 reps on 185 pounds.

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Winning two awards was freshman Rayneil Nelson of Ross Sterling High School, who took home both the RB MVP and the Fastest Man Award. Nelson (5 feet 7 ½, 154 pounds) possesses both impressive athleticism and technique, but also surprising football skills for a freshman. He also had a 31.5-inch vertical, 9'6" broad, 4.41 shuttle, 18 reps on 135 pounds, and the award-winning 4.41 40. Also shining from the freshman class was Freshman MVP RB Jarrell Oliver of Lawrence Elkins High School. Oliver (5 feet 7, 165 pounds) also has impressive technical skills for a freshman, plus great feet and athleticism. He had a 4.68 40, 8'8" broad, 4.39 shuttle, 30-inch vertical, and 9 reps on 135 pounds.
Sophomore Marcus Mata of Clear Creek High School took home the QB MVP, after showing excellent athleticism and a textbook delivery. Mata (5 feet 8, 170 pounds) also had a 32.5-inch vertical, 9'1" broad, 4.61 40, 4.40 shuttle, and 25 reps on 155 pounds. Also performing well at quarterback was sophomore Wyton Perro of Booker T. Washington High School. Perro (5 feet 11 ½, 171 pounds) had a 4.53 40, 9'2 1/2" broad, 4.45 shuttle, 31-inch vertical, and 17 reps on 155 pounds. And winning the Leadership Award was sophomore QB Adam Behrle, also of Clear Creek High School. Behrle (5 feet 11, 152 pounds) did a fantastic job of both showing off his quarterbacking skills and his leadership traits throughout the afternoon. He also had a 25-inch vertical, 5.00 40, 8'7" broad, and 4.69 shuttle.
Standing out above all the other offensive linemen in attendance was OL MVP sophomore Dominic Espinosa of Cedar Park High School. Espinosa (6 feet 2 ½, 260 pounds) is an impressive technical athlete with great footwork. He also had a 4.93 40, 5.13 shuttle, 24.5-inch vertical, and 15 reps on 185 pounds. Also winning an award for Cedar Park was RB Darren Thornhill, who took home the Sophomore Combine King award. Thornhill (5 feet 6 ½, 162 pounds) is simply a special athlete. He had a 36-inch vertical, 4.49 40, 9'5" broad, 4.39 shuttle, and 25 reps on 155 pounds.
Winning the Freshman Combine King award was RB Deandre Washington of Thurgood Marshall High School. Washington (5 feet 7, 165 pounds) showed a great combination of feet, hands and quickness, but truly excelled during the combine events with a 30-inch vertical, 4.47 40, 8'5 1/2" broad, 4.67 shuttle, and 19 reps on 135 pounds.
Sophomore Roland Radcliffe of Cinco Ranch High School won the LB MVP, after showing impressive strength, power, and footwork. Radcliffe, 6-foot-0 and 191 pounds, also had a 27-inch vertical, 4.74 40, 4.53 shuttle, 8'9" broad, and 18 reps on 155 pounds. Winning the Strongest Man award was sophomore DL Samuel Olamfortone of Friendswood High School. Olamfortone (5 feet 10 ½, 243 pounds) finished with 23 reps on 185 pounds to win the award. He also had a 21.5-inch vertical, 5.46 40, and 4.88 shuttle.
The last position award went to WR MVP sophomore Keithen Collins of Ross Sterling High School. Collins (5 feet 10, 160 pounds) showed an impressive combination of route running ability, hands, feet and ball skills throughout the afternoon. He also made a statement during the combine events with a 4.42 40, 4.38 shuttle, 8'9 1/2" broad, and 27-inch vertical.
And finally, special mention goes out to RB Bralon Addison, who is an 8th grader from Elkins High School. Addison (5 feet 8, 156 pounds) finished with a 4.59 shuttle and 4.98 40, proving that he'll be a player to watch over the coming years.