DB Mungwa talks Rutgers, BC

Shutang Mungwa is one of the top junior prospects from Bergen Catholic in New Jersey, and the 6-foot-2, 200-pound prospect is watching the recruiting process heat up.
Boston College, Rutgers, UConn, Illinois, Pitt, Syracuse and Temple are just some of the schools that have sent mail to Mungwa, or expressed interest in another way.
"I went down to Rutgers' junior day and I also went up to Boston College," Mungwa recalled.

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"Rutgers was a great trip. They have a lot more to offer than I expected. Just seeing the training facilities was really nice. I enjoyed talking to the coaching staff about how they do things. They've got their mind on one thing and that's winning a national championship.
"Boston College wasn't as elaborate as Rutgers' presentation but they had a lot of good points, too. Also, they're a team on the rise just like Rutgers. They have a lot of good young players."
Mungwa plans on attending a junior day at Syracuse this weekend. He was recently invited to attend spring practice at Illinois, and he hopes to do that as well.
Over the summer Mungwa hopes to attend two or three camps at local colleges, but he doesn't expect he will travel too far from home.
Last fall Mungwa recorded 44 tackles, two interceptions and a safety. Though he plays safety he said he could see himself playing linebacker in college.