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DB Jarrett still on the rise

Last week Rivals.com reported that Michigan had become the latest school to offer Kyshoen Jarrett.
The good news continues to pile up for the 5-foot-11, 175-pound corner from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, as another school is extending an offer and others could do the same soon.
"I talked to Syracuse on the phone and I was telling them about my offers," Jarrett said early this week.
"They said I could add them to my list of offers. That was a pretty exciting moment. I told my family, but I wanted to make sure, so I e-mailed him. I asked if it was legit. He said yeah, that I should be getting them in the near future. I'll just wait until that comes in the mail."
Apparently Jarrett is somewhat high on the Orange, due in large part to one of his teammates.
"One of my teammates, Collin Hegarty, is a tailback, and he's been really high on Syracuse. He went to a couple of their games. I've known him since I first moved out here, so to go to school with him and play with him for an addition four to five years would be nice.
"Syracuse is not a bad program. They definitely recruit my school with players like James Mungro. I wouldn't mind going there to help change their program and make them a top contender in the Big East."
While Syracuse figures to be a factor in the race for Jarrett, some of the big names in college football appear to be interested as well.
"Last Wednesday I talked to Notre Dame and USC," Jarrett recalled.
"I do know they have two new head coaches and they're trying to get players to put into their systems. To me they're always going to be good schools and top contenders. Notre Dame goes against pretty much anybody and everybody, and at USC out in the Pac Ten there's definitely a lot of competition. That prepares you for the next level."
Jarrett said the coaches at each school want him to attend their camps, but it's unlikely he will be able to make it out to Southern Cal at this point because of the distance.