Dawson notices change at junior day

Kahlil Dawson did not get offered at the Washington State junior day this past weekend but he still had a great time in Pullman and said he noticed the start of a revitalization of the Cougars' program.
By talking to other prospects, the new coaching staff and even some players, Dawson said things are different at Washington State and he has a lot of interest in getting recruited there.
"The coaching staff is really cool," Dawson said. "They're all really energetic, high energy and high tempo guys. I have a good feeling about them.

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"I like all of them and then I talked to the players about the coaching staff and they said they all loved the new coaching staff and they said they all feel like things are changing around there. They're pretty much guaranteeing they're going to win a lot more games then they have been.
"Everybody is very confident and everybody is working hard. It's a really good environment and a really good feeling over there."
The 5-foot-9, 160-pound cornerback from Graham (Wash.) Graham-Kapowsin said he will continue to look at Washington State and he plans to return there this summer for camp.
So far, Wyoming has offered Dawson, who looked good at the U.S. Army National Combine, and he's hearing from a bunch of other schools and hopes things pick up soon in his recruitment.
He's hoping Washington State takes more notice of him.
"They didn't offer but I feel like I want to definitely get offered by them," Dawson said. "They didn't really talk about where we stand or if they'd offer or not so I don't know what's going to happen or if they're going to.
"With them, I was talking with my coach, during their team camps I'll go to Wyoming's team camp for a day and then Washington State's for a day and then Idaho's for a day. It's all pretty much in the same area."