Davis schedules second official

Blue Ridge, Va. safety Greg Davis has scheduled his second official visit of the season for this weekend to the in-state Cavaliers. The 6-foot-2, 198-pounder has also named two other schools he plans to take officials to. Why did he select these schools?
"Greg told me that he plans to take officials to Virginia, North Carolina State and I believe West Virginia. I know the only one scheduled is to Virginia this weekend," said Blue Ridge head coach Michael Alley. "He's really excited about the trip since he knows some of the players on the team and has been to a couple of their games this season. I think he feels like he fits into all these teams and can possibly play in his first or second year there.
"I think he chose North Carolina State because he really enjoyed taking in their game early in the season against Virginia Tech. They have also kept in good contact with Greg. Finally, West Virginia offered him a while back and coach Stewart has come and visited Blue Ridge to see him play. I think Greg likes the way they run their defense too and he's seen their previous success in the defensive backfield."
Has the four-star prospect considered a fifth official?
"He hasn't mentioned anyone specifically, but I'd say Tennessee and Maryland would be up there possibly," Alley said. "Tennessee offered recently and he's shown an interest in them while Maryland is coming to visit this week."
Absent from Davis's list is in-state power Virginia Tech.
"All I can say is Greg hasn't mentioned them for an official," he said. "I know he really respects coach Ball and enjoys talking to him, but he may just think there is a better opportunity elsewhere."
This week the No. 8 safety in the country is expecting visits from Virginia, Nebraska and Maryland's coaches.
The Barons finished the season a couple weeks back after a loss to St. Anne's-Belfield.
"We finished up ranked third in the state in Division II football and Greg finished with 70 tackles and six interceptions," he said. "He did a fine job adjusting to safety this year as we needed him on the perimeter more. He's always been technically sound and I believe now he's great at two positions, cornerback and safety."
Davis was named first team all-conference defensive back and defensive player of the year for the Old Dominion football conference.