Davis lands USC offer at camp

Dominic Davis has established a reputation for being incredibly fast coming out of the backfield and as a threat catching the ball.
On Thursday at the USC Rising Stars Camp, the Mission Hills (Calif.) Alemany recruit apparently showed off all his skills and he left with an offer from the Trojans.
"They said they loved the way he catches the ball, he's a natural pass catcher," Alemany assistant coach CJ Fulwilder said. "His speed is second-to-none. They just said they love how he catches the ball.
"I thought he could end up being a defensive back at SC but he's evolved so much into an offensive threat it's kind of hard to discard that speed."
Davis, a three-star prospect by who could move up because of an exceptional junior season and off-season, recently landed a new offer from UCLA that will be seriously considered as well. The USC offer is also a major one but Davis is expected to take his time with the recruiting process.
So far, the Alemany standout has landed offers from USC, UCLA, Colorado State, Fresno State, Oregon State, San Diego State, SMU, Washington and Washington State.
"That's huge for him," Fulwilder said of the USC offer. "Now he has options to stay closer to home which is probably a viable option. Now he can make good choices. He can look at education, he can look at proximity and he can look at convenience for family. He can look at a lot of different things.
"If he picks a school out of state then it better have all he wants. It's kind of hard to turn away from the proximity. I'm pretty sure he's going to go through the process which I've talked to him about, looking at the offense they run, the defense they run, the education, the strength of the school, what you want to study, find out the graduation numbers."
The three-star is going to take a close look at all his options, which one fits him best, and it's unexpected he would rush a choice at this point.
"Dominic is looking at all that," Fulwilder said. "I don't tell him where to go but I give him information for him to make intelligent decisions. He's going to make an intelligent decision when it's all said and done."