Davie solid as a rock

St. Louis (Mo.) Cardinal Ritter linebacker/receiver Quentin Davie made an early April commitment to Duke, closing the books on several big time schools such as Iowa, Michigan State, Kansas State, Missouri, UCLA, and he still feels the same way about his choice today.
Davie, who is rated the No. 12 rated prospect in the state of Missouri, decided very early to make up his mind and pick Duke for his football future. Since then, the 6-foot-4, 192-pound player has heard from several schools trying to sway his commitment, but Davie is solid as a rock.
"Duke is the best place for me," Davie said. "The atmosphere they have there is great and I feel like that's the college that I'm supposed to go to. I called Vanderbilt and some other schools to tell them I'm solid but they just tell me they will keep recruiting me."
"There are a lot of schools that send stuff but there really isn't any pressure on me because I know where I'm headed."
Something that does catch his attention about the recruiting process is following what his future college is doing by tracking things on the Internet.
"I think (Duke) is doing great," Davie said. "I follow this stuff everyday, it's like I'm a coach or something."
The comparison to being a coach also translates on the football field, where Davie has been taking a leadership role ever since his sophomore year. He says the only difference now is that he's among other leaders out there.
"I used to play quarterback for a while to help out and then I took the leadership role last year as a junior," Davie said. "We didn't have a lot of seniors last year, but this year I'm continuing that with more help."
Any way you look at it, the three-star rated prospect is glad to be done with recruiting and back to focusing on his last year of high school.
"It takes a whole bunch of weight off your shoulders," Davie said. "There are some guys that haven't committed yet and they're worried about that stuff. They could be focused on other things than that."
"It's a nice feeling to be done."