Darks still waiting on first offer

Lukfin, Texas linebacker Aaron Darks is just sitting back taking in the recruiting process now that things have slowed down.
"It was real hectic there for a while," the 6-foot-1, 205-pound Darks said. "We had coaches calling and some reporters calling once it got out schools were coming into the school to see my coach about me. That has slowed down quite a bit though. It is kind of nice right now."
One portion of the recruiting process that hasn't slowed down is the mail.
"I get a lot of mail," he said. "It comes in all the time from all sorts of schools. There are some every day and I look at them all. I'm learning quite a bit about some schools just from the mail."
While the mail continues to come there is one particular letter Darks has not received.
"I have not gotten a scholarship offer yet," he said. "Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State and Oklahoma have all talked about it at some point, but so far none of them have offered me. Right now, I think they are just doing the best they can to get me interested in their schools."
Darks was only able to take in one summer camp so far this year.
"I went to Oklahoma's camp," he said. "I think I did a good job with my performance at the camp. They liked what I did at camp. Hopefully they and the others will like what they see on the field this fall and come through with the offers they've talked about."
While he has several schools in mind, Darks isn't ruling anyone out yet.
"I am keeping an open mind. I don't want to get so focused one one or two schools that I don't see the right one come by. I want to see how it plays out and find the five I think fit me the best and visit those schools this fall. Then I will choose one."