Daniels talks recent Northwestern offer

Warren (Ohio) Harding lineman James Daniels starts off the 2015 class ranked as the nation's No. 3 offensive center, and he is closing in on a dozen offers after new tenders from Big Ten programs.
The 6-foot-4, 275-pound Daniels was offered by his father's alma mater, Ohio State, last Tuesday and discussed that with that night. A day earlier, though, Daniels reeled in an offer from the Buckeye's Big Ten brethren, Northwestern.
"Two weeks ago the o-line coach and the head came to our school, but on my transcript my ACT score was not on there," Daniels said. "They were going to offer me, but they needed to see my ACT. So, my head coach faxed them my recent ACT score and then they offered me."
Northwestern's academic reputation was one of the first things that came to mind for Daniels following the offer from the Wildcats.
"I didn't really look at them just yet, but I just know about them," Daniels said. "It's really nice to have a good education like that for after you are done playing football. I have never been there for a game, but at the beginning of the season I was watching them and they were one of the top Big Ten teams until they lost to Ohio State."
Besides Northwestern and Ohio State, Daniels also had coaches from Illinois, Tennessee and West Virginia in-school. The Volunteers are the only one in that group that has not yet offered a scholarship.
"They haven't offered me, but the coach talked about what the SEC is like and stuff like that," Daniels said.
The next step in the recruiting process for Daniels is to visit many of the schools that have offered him, though he does not have any of those trips scheduled at this time.
"I want to take visits in February and March," Daniels said. "I don't have any favorites right now."