Daniels planning summer visits

Reggie Daniels said he is still leaning toward leaving Arizona to play his college football but the Chandler Hamilton safety who was once steadfast on getting out is now saying he'd be open to considering Arizona and Arizona State.
"Right now I'm weighing all my options and I want to see what happens," Daniels said.
"I want to see what happens next year and then I'll have my decision on where I'm going to go. Right now I'm just looking around and weighing my options. I'm still looking (out of state) but I wouldn't mind staying back home, either."

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So far, Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Notre Dame, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State and Montana have offered Daniels, a 6-foot, 170-pound prospect who said USC, Nebraska, Oregon and Vanderbilt are showing the most interest.
The Irish definitely stand out to Daniels and for a while he said the Razorbacks were making a strong impression on him but the Arizona recruit is nowhere near making a decision.
He'd like to take the summer months to go on some trips and then could reach a decision sometime later on.
"I've talked to (Notre Dame) a little bit and my coach went to Notre Dame so he tells me a lot about them," Daniels said. "I know it's a really good school already.
"I still keep in touch with those guys at Arkansas, too. I'm thinking about visiting them this summer and see the school. I want to take as many visits as I can to get out and see what I like."
Daniels said he'd like to visit USC, Oregon and Arkansas for sure this summer and if there's time seeing Notre Dame and Nebraska would be good as well.