Dang not in a hurry

Jeremy Dang, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound wide receiver from Peoria, Ariz., doesn't appear to be in too big of a rush to make a decision.
"Recruiting has been going real well for me," he said.
"I'm just sitting back and waiting everything out. My top three right now are No. 1, Boise State, No. 2, Stanford and No. 3, Arizona State.
"I haven't received any new offers. The only offers I have right now are Northern Arizona, Colorado State and Montana State. I'd like to visit all three of those schools, along with my top three, but don't have anything set up right now."
Dang said he's got a few things in mind when it comes time to look at schools.
"I want to just go somewhere where I can play early and often," he said.
"Growing up here in Phoenix I would like to go to a big city, but I've been up to Boise and that wasn't too bad at all. I went up there for their summer camp and couldn't have played any better. It was a lot of fun."