Dandy dozen for top OL

Birmingham (Ala.) Huffman offensive guard Andre Smith has already become message board legend. The clips of Smith embarrassing very solid players in Alabama's largest classification is some of the most impressive video to ever come across the network. He has offers from coast to coast and has narrowed his list of schools to 12.
"I have cut the list down to 12," Smith said. "I know that's still a lot of schools, but I haven't narrowed it down anymore than that. Miami, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Vanderbilt, Oklahoma, USC and Arkansas (order as mentioned) are the ones I'm considering."
Smith is ranked as the nation's No. 2 overall prospect, the highest ever ranking given to an offensive lineman by Rivals.com. He is also ranked as the nation's top offensive line prospect and the top player in the state of Alabama.

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"All of those schools are still on the same level," Smith said. "I have not set any official visits or really even though too much about doing that yet. I still plan on taking this thing all the way to signing day. I do know that I am going to the Miami-Florida State game in Tallahassee the first game of the season, but that's the only game I know of for sure right now that I am going to."
The only camp Smith attended this summer was the NIKE camp in Athens. The 6-foot-4, 325-pound Smith ran the 40-yard dash in 5.2 seconds, ran the shuttle in 4.75 seconds and did 28 reps on the bench press.
"Mostly this summer I have just been working out trying to get stronger and improving my game," Smith said. "I have gotten my bench press up to 400 pounds and my squat is up to around 555 pounds."
Smith does an amazing job of keeping things close to the vest. Most big time prospects develop relationships and keep in close contact with other major prospects. While Smith is likely to develop more of those relationships when he begins to take official visits and narrow things down there is only one prospect that he keeps in close contact with currently.
"The only guy that I talk to on a regular basis is Neil Caudle from Spain Park," Smith said. "We talk about stuff a good bit, but he is the only one. I haven't really heard anything from guys where they are trying to get me to go to the school they are committed to or anything."
The humble Smith has taken notice in the fact that Rivals.com named him the nation's No. 2 player, but remains humble and places credit elsewhere.
"It's all because of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," Smith said. "I feel so blessed to have all of this, and it's not possible without him. I know that most of the time its only running backs, linebackers and quarterbacks or whatever that high, so for me to be up there is really great. I know there are a lot of great players out there that it could have been and I am very honored."