Dan Connor trims list to three

Wallingford (Pa.) Strath Haven stud Dan Connor, One of the nation's top linebackers has trimmed his list again, this time to three schools. ACC expansion has had a negative impact on yet another recruit targeted by Big East schools.
"With Miami and Virginia Tech leaving it really hurts schools like Syracuse, Boston College and West Virginia," said Connor, a 6-foot-3, 215-pound tackling machine. "Syracuse has been very high on my list and I still consider them a fall-back choice at number four in case something goes wrong.
"But I'm going to be at some college for four or five years, and I want to play against good competition in a BCS conference. Hopefully the Big East can get a good replacement and hold their spot in the BCS, but expansion really hurts these schools."
So who are the three leaders for the No. 17 player in the nation?
"Notre Dame, Michigan and Penn State are up there together at the top of my list," said Connor. "I'm not going to camp at any schools this summer, but I've already been to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State.
"Notre Dame was great especially. Their tradition and everything that it means to play there is incredible. I sat down and talked to coach Willingham for about two hours and he's a great coach."
Connor, who had 1,500 yards rushing and 29 touchdowns on offense to go with 170 tackles and three interceptions on defense, will take at least three official visits before making a decision.
"I don't see myself deciding anything until after my senior season," he said. "I think I'll need to visit and meet the players and all the coaches and see what it's like to live at each place. I don't have a timeframe for my decision."
Connor is ranked No. 17 on our initial Rivals100 list and is one of only 24 five-star players in the nation.
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