Dallas sleeper grabs first two offers

Dallas (Texas) Seagoville is known much more as a basketball school than a football factory. Portland Trailblazer forward LaMarcus Aldridge is just one of their notable basketball alumni. However, the football team holds one of the true sleepers in Texas this year.
Andrew Peterson plays both tight end and defensive line for the Dragons. The 6-foot-5, 250-pound prospect picked up his first two offers very recently.
"I have two offers now," Peterson said. "Both of them just came in. Memphis offered me on Thursday and then La Tech offered me on Friday before our game. My coach had me call Memphis and I talked to their head coach on the phone and he offered me. La Tech was at our school for the game and they told my coach they were offering me then."

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Peterson expects a few more offers to come his way in the future as well.
"UTEP, Oklahoma State and Miami - those are the other three schools that are really talking to me right now," he said. "They've said that once I get down there and do official visits they're going to offer."
The big tight end prospect has two official visits set up as of now.
"Memphis, I'm going out there the second weekend of December," Peterson said. "Miami wants me to come out in early January. Those are the only two I have set up so far."
With a frame that could seemingly be perfectly suited to grow into an offensive tackle, Peterson says no schools are recruiting him at that position.
"Pretty much everybody wants me to play tight end," he said. "I haven't heard anything about offensive tackle or anything. Miami wants me to play on the defensive line, either at end or tackle."
Though Peterson could play a number of positions at the next level, he is very clear in his preference for one of them.
"I'd say that UTEP, La Tech and Memphis are sticking out to me right now," he said. "Those three schools, they want me to play tight end that's the position I want to play. They all say I have a chance to come in and start as a freshman.
"Miami wants me to play defense but I really want to play offense when I get to college. I'm going to still check them out though and see how I like it out there, though."
In a very run heavy offense, Peterson has six receptions for 166 yards and two touchdowns so far this season as Seagoville has a 6-3 record. As a junior, he had seven receptions for 60 yards and a score.