Dallas LB has new offer, names a favorite

Dallas (Texas) Skyline linebacker Dominique Patterson is one of the top linebackers in Texas and he is receiving the recruiting attention to back that up. Already with two Big Ten offers and an in-state Big 12 offer. Patterson recently found out about an offer from the west coast to add to his list.
"Stanford offered," Patterson said. "It hasn't come in yet. I talked to Coach White from Stanford and he told me that they sent the offer out a long time ago but they didn't have the correct address. They have my correct address now so I should get it in the next day or so."
Stanford has been trying to make a strong push in the state of Texas since Head Coach Jim Harbaugh has taken over and Patterson knows a thing or two about what Stanford is all about.
"I know that Stanford is a great school and a school to get a great education," he said. "The football team is pretty good too. I'm interested in Stanford and I would like to take a visit but I haven't had a chance to really learn about the program."
With Stanford the most recent addition to his offer list, Patterson thinks more could be on the way as well.
"A new one that I think is very interested in me and I wouldn't be surprised if I receive an offer is Tennessee," he said. "I talk to them on the phone. I gave them a call not too long ago, I think it was last week. The dude I talked to is from Dallas and he knows a lot of my coaches. I haven't gotten to see them in any football games. I know they have a good program and they could use some linebackers and I know they have a great defensive coach from the NFL and the Buccaneers."
Patterson has been able to go to a couple of junior days, most recently Alabama. The next trip on his schedule is Texas A&M following an appearance at an April 4th Nike Training Camp. It will be the second visit to College Station and the Aggies have emerged as Patterson's favorite at this early stage in the game.
"When I went down there the first time I was showed a lot of love," he said. "The coaches, they keep it real. They tell you that if you mess up they'll let you know you messed up if you do good, they'll tell you you did good. They have an upcoming program and I definitely want to help something that's good become great."
At this point, Patterson is unsure of his timeline for a decision.
"I'm not really sure," he said. "I guess only time will tell."