Dallas Junior Day: Looking the part

DALLAS - The 2006 Rivals.com Junior Day events certainly bring in some top prospects where little evaluation is done and several up-and-coming players get the chance to learn about what's ahead in recruiting.
However, like any day full of top football prospects, there is still some evaluation that can be done with only verified height and weight numbers. Many college coaches use the eyeball test on players to verify just how big these talented young men are now and how they might fill out in the future as well.
Below are the top five players that passed the eyeball test this past weekend in Dallas for the first Rivals.com Junior Day for 2006.

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1. Terrael Williams, Dallas Skyline, OT, 6-6, 407 – If anyone present missed one of the biggest high school players in the state walk through the doors at Southern Methodist University, they weren't paying enough attention. Williams weighed in at an astonishing 407 pounds. His height also makes him a player that can hold that weight without looking out of shape, though he'll have to get that down in the coming months.
Considering he currently claims offers from Oklahoma and Kansas State, it's obvious that coaches believe his size will take him places at the Division I level. Watch out, because his coaches at Skyline believe that he has incredible flexibility for his size that will take him far.
2. Richetti Jones, Dallas Lincoln, LB, 6-3, 234 – In the last 24 hours, no one made a more astonishing jump in the height and weight measurements than Rivals.com pre-evaluation Rivals100 member Jones. As a junior at the NIKE Training Camp, he came in at 6-foot-2, 201 pounds. Since then he's grown an inch to stand at 6-foot-3 and come in at a very lean 234 pounds.
Jones' will play all over the field for a defense and his growth furthers the talk about the possibility of him sharing time in college at defensive end along with linebacker.
3. Tray Allen, South Grand Prairie, OT, 6-4, 305 – As a junior, Allen was used to weighing in at around the 275 to 290 pound mark. When the scale hit 305, he thought that it couldn't have been correct. It was, but don't confuse this with bad weight. Allen looked about as in shape of any of the prospects on hand above 250 pounds.
His quick feet, that have drawn so much attention since starting his career at South Grand Prairie, do not look like they'll be hurt by some more pounds. It's obvious that the Rivals100 member can move around with his weight and not get too big.
4. Anthony Morgan, Lancaster, DT, 6-3.5, 336 – When highly coveted defensive tackle prospect Stephen Thomas made his transfer to Lancaster, the coaches caught a glimpse of the ability of his new teammate Morgan. During some off-season workouts on their own time, Morgan and Thomas were going head to head in competition for reps during some heavy weight lifting.
It's pretty obvious that the 336 pounds that Morgan was holding was more than just big bones. The defensive tackle prospect seems to be slimming down and thickening up as his junior year is coming to an end. Morgan is one prospect to watch for during the recruiting cycle for 2007 as he continues to get even bigger.
5. Anthony Hamm, Red Oak, OL, 6-6, 354 – The sleeper of the group, Hamm came into the process virtually unknown. That was at least until he showed up. A wide-eyed group of people were looking at the huge offensive tackle. While he may be somewhat of an early sleeper, that should change as he plans to make his way to camps at Texas, Nebraska, and Texas Tech.
Hamm, who is already big enough for the college level, describes himself simply his playing style as "hard hitting." He certainly looks the part of a Division I offensive tackle and put himself on the radar at the junior day event.