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Dallas DE making Big 12 trip this weekend

With the playoffs over now for Dallas (Texas) Kimball defensive end Robert Williams, recruiting has taken over as the priority for the rising Lone Star prospect along with basketball.
After taking his first official visit to UTEP, the 6-foot-4, 200-pound player took some time off before making any other visits. Next up was supposed to be Arkansas on Dec. 9, but things have changed.
"Well, we had to the move the date with Arkansas because there was some conflict there a while back," Williams said. "I'm going to Iowa State on Dec. 9. That was really the first visit I set up. I don't know where people were saying I was going to Arkansas. We're still working on that one."
The in-home visits are stacking up as well. Coach Tony Alford from the Cyclones will be coming in this Tuesday. Last week, coach Lawrence Livingston from UTEP was in. Washington State is also getting their in-home time set up for this weekend.
"Coach Livingston from UTEP was really cool," Williams said. "He just came by and talked to my parents. I'm looking forward to hearing what the others have to say when they come by."
Williams is still very adamant about the fact that there are no favorites at this point. He has some ideas for the other three visit spots.
"Washington State and Arkansas will both be receiving trips from me," he said. "My teammate Cameron Nelson is playing in the Pac-10, so it would be nice to play against him."