Dallas 09 back picks up Big 12 offer

For 5-foot-9 all-purpose back, James White out of Dallas (Texas) Skyline, the recruiting process has just gotten started with him halfway through his junior season. However, the kickoff to his recruitment became more official last week when one Big 12 school extended him his first written offer.
"Colorado offered me last Friday I think it was," White said. "It's all good. I was excited because it was my first offer, knowing at the same time that I've got a lot more to come."
It was good timing for the Buffalos as White was impressed with their recent success.
"They surprised me with their win over Oklahoma," he said. "They showed they're a good team."
White has been receiving interest from several schools from all over the country but he has an undeniable favorite right now.
"LSU, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Miami, Arkansas and Louisville have all shown me interest," said White. "Right now I'm just getting letters from LSU but I love them.
"USC has always been my team but they already have so many running backs. But if LSU were to offer me, I'd probably commit right now."
As a smaller back, White plays with quickness and burst. The back describes his own playing style as such.
"I'm a slasher," he explained. "I like to slice and dice."
His coach Derek Roberson agrees.
"College coaches are talking to me about James as a player who can really put that one foot in the ground, plant and go," Roberson said.
White has helped Dallas Skyline jump out to a 4-1 start to the season. He has rushed for four touchdowns in the first five games.