Daily double for 2016 standout WR

When Mesquite (Texas) West Mesquite 2016 wide receiver Dee Anderson woke up this morning, he did not know what to expect. He did not realize he would arrive at school as a 6-foot-4, 175-pound wide receiver looking for a chance to impress, and head home with not one but two college scholarship offers.
"I feel excited," Anderson said. "It was a major blessing. And I just have to keep working hard."
Anderson was not the only one excited, his parents were excited about the news.
"They were excited, but they told me to keep working hard and not let this get in the way of anything," Anderson said.
First came Indiana. He has not been able to research the Hoosier program yet, but he is looking forward to getting to know more about them.
"Well, the first one I couldn't believe it," Anderson said. "It was overwhelming. I was happy and excited."
Then came Boise State, where former teammate and Rivals100 member Dylan Sumner-Gardner will spend his college days.
"Oh the second one blew me away. It was a big joy," Anderson said. "And it let me know that I have to keep working hard and everything is earned."
The standout receiver heard he may receive some attention, but he did not expect the offers. At least not this early in the spring. And, as he says, he knows there is still plenty of work to be done when it comes to refining his skill set and preparing for the college level.
"I'm trying to work on everything," Anderson said. "Getting faster, stronger, bigger, and trying to be the No. 1 person in my class."
Anderson has not taken any college visits at this point but does plan to attend camp this summer at Tennessee.
He is still gathering information on the recruiting process and is taking everything in at this point in time. However, he did grow up with a few favorite college programs.
"I really liked Georgia, Texas, and Florida. I really liked them when I was little," Anderson said. "Texas because it's around the area. Florida is when Tim Tebow and them were there and they were winning everything. Georgia is because of A.J. Green."