D-day is looming near for Gallimore

Rumors were flying around this weekend that four-star and Rivals100 offensive tackle Brett Gallimore made an unannounced official visit to Oklahoma State this weekend. So Rivals100 go to the bottom of these rumors to find out the truth.
And just like many recruiting rumors, they are just that a rumor.
“They wanted him to come up and take his fifth visit to Oklahoma State,” Gallimore’s father, Rich, said. “Les Miles came up last Sunday night and they wanted to make a last minute pitch. But we told them that it’s pretty much down to two teams, and that it might be better off if they focused on a few other players.”
Those two teams are Florida State and Michigan.
“Coach Lilly from Florida State was here Friday and spent a lot of time with us,” Gallimore said. “He is a really great guy. I know that they’re bringing Bobby Bowden in some time later this week to visit Brett at the house.
“Michigan was here on Thursday, and they were here for most of the day. Coach Carr has some Rose Bowl things that he has to take care of first, but he’s also hopefully going to be out here this week or early next week.”
So indeed the decision from the No. 94 player in the nation looms near. And the last round of in-home visits could be key to securing the signature of one of the nation’s best offensive linemen.