Cushing changes favorites list

Oradell (N.J.) Bergen Catholic linebacker Brian Cushing has added a couple new teams to his top eight. So who is in and who is out now for the No. 50 player in the country?
"My top eight now is Miami, Southern Cal, Virginia, Penn State, Maryland, Oklahoma, Notre Dame and Rutgers," said the 6-foot-1 and now 230-pounder. "Maryland and Notre Dame are kind of new. I visited Maryland and really liked it down there. Also, my good friend Isaiah Williams is there and they don't have a ton of depth at safety, which is where they're recruiting me.
"Notre Dame I think is making a turnaround and I believe coach Willingham will be able to get the job done. And they recruiting me really hard, almost as hard as anyone now."

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Is Virginia still on top for Cushing as they've been in the past?
"I have three leaders, Virginia, Miami and Southern Cal," he said. "I don't read my mail anymore, my dad takes care of it because it was getting crazy and he won't let me read it during the season. He wants me to focus on football and school right now."
Cushing watched the Virginia Tech-USC game on Saturday.
"I think it was important to see Dwayne Jarrett get a lot of playing time," he said of the freshman wideout from New Jersey. "It shows that it doesn't matter what state you're from out there, they'll play the best players. They also have a senior safety so they'll need help."
Cushing is simply looking for a school where he'll fit in and where he can make an impact.
"It'll just be a feel," he said. "I still have my official visits set with Miami (Dec. 10) and Southern Cal (Dec. 17) and the other one I know I'll take is to Virginia," he said. "It will be between the others for the last two trips."
Only Virginia, Penn State and Notre Dame are recruiting Cushing as a linebacker anymore, the rest see him as a strong safety.
"I think I prefer safety because it's where I play now in high school and it would be a great challenge in college," he said. "Miami sees me as a Sean Taylor type of player and that's how I envision myself."
Cushing's season starts Sept. 11 against Ridgewood.