Curry is a JUCO tackle to watch

Chucky Curry is name to keep a close eye on this fall. Curry is an offensive tackle prospect from East Central Community College in Decatur, Mississippi. Curry, 6-6 and 309 pounds, is originally from Newton High School.
"So far so good with camp," Curry said. "It seems a little tougher than last season. I think I have progressed as a player. I am stronger (415 bench press, 715 squat) and quick for my size. I can play well out in that island."
According to Curry he has scholarship offers from Tennessee, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Iowa State and Arizona State.
"Tennessee was my first offer. That first offer was very exciting. I didn't realize teams like that were looking at me. In high school Mississippi State and Ole Miss were looking at me but I didn't have offers like that."
Speaking of Tennessee, Curry took a vacation there and stopped by Knoxville to check out the Volunteers.
"I like the school. The atmosphere is great and they are some nice people. They need offensive linemen but then again so many universities need tackles."
Curry says he will graduate in December. That means he will have a busy fall schedule.
"I don't know on visits just yet. Really, I haven't talked to too many coaches yet. I think I want to take a trip to Iowa State. I think I am pretty familiar with Ole Miss and Mississippi State. I visited them in high school. I am just looking for the best opportunity for me."