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Cunningham one of best in California

When it comes to offensive line, many times bigger means better. And in California, not too many linemen are bigger than Sacramento Grant offensive tackle Devan Cunningham.
Not many are better, either.
The 6-foot-6, 305-pounder already has three scholarship offers on the table, and he's working hard in the off-season to get better and better.
"I've been busy with workouts and stuff getting ready for football practice to start up," he said. "After we get back from spring break in a couple weeks we're going to start going out on the field and do more agility work and running and stuff so I'm ready for that."
Cunningham is being called my local observers as the best line prospect to come out of the area in the past five years. His coach, Mike Alberghini, thinks the sky is the limit with him.
"He's really something," Alberghini said. "He's such a nice kid too. Devan's overall size is what really jumps out at you but he's become quite a prospect without really having a mean streak in him. When he develops that side of the game, which I think will happen next year, the sky is the limit for him."
There's no question, Cunningham has a bright future ahead of himself. Now the big question is where he will spend that future at.
"Colorado offered me along with New Mexico and BYU," Cunningham said. "Washington told me they need to do a little more evaluating, but I should expect an offer after spring break.
"Other than that I'm hearing from the same schools – Nebraska, Cal, BYU, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon State, Oregon, Washington, Notre Dame, and USC."
At this point, a few teams do standout.
"Out of the offers I have right now Colorado would be my first pick," he said. "It seems like they really want me and they genuinely feel I would fit in with their school. I want a school that wants me that bad. Washington is right up there with Colorado, especially if they offer.
"I grew up a Cal-Berkley fan since they're so close. I didn't get into college football until my freshman year of high school, but a couple of guys from my school went there to play football so I started following them a lot. I'm thinking of going down to their Junior Day."
Cunningham has in mind what the perfect school will have.
"I want to find a school with a good offensive line coach," he said. "I want one that knows how to teach and really is respected around the country. Then I'll look at the school and how the education is there. And then I want to make sure it's a good program to be a part of. I want a place without a bad history or anything."