Cunningham moves decision date

Jacksonville (Fla.) Atlantic Coast three-star tight end Chris Cunningham has postponed his decision to announce his commitment pending a visit to one of his finalists, UCF. Cunningham was originally set to announce via Twitter on Friday but had also planned on making the trip to Orlando before then.
Cunningham's finalists are UCF, Louisville and Virginia Tech.
"I postponed my decision to give UCF a chance," said the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Cunningham, who has never been to UCF. "I've visited my two other schools, so I want to see what (UCF) has to offer, then finalize my commitment."
Cunningham said he plans on getting to UCF between Monday and Wednesday. After the visit, he'll spend a few days weighing the pros and cons of each school before announcing his decision on his Twitter handle, @Chrvs_85.
"I'm not sure on a set day to announce after my visit," he said. "If I visit on Monday, I could commit Friday. Or if I go Tuesday, I'll announce Saturday. I'm not sure - I have to really look at all my options."
Cunningham visited Louisville and Virginia Tech last weekend.
The Cardinals came into the picture in March and were Cunningham's second offer.
"They have a really nice program," Cunningham said. "They have a big school, really nice overall academics. When I went there, they blew me away. I thought it would be less than what I thought but it was nice with the dorms and facilities and surrounding community. And I know with coach Petrino coming back they can do big things."
The Hokies also offered in March.
"They're a really nice school and their coaches have been there for 15, 20 years so that's promising," Cunningham said. "They've stuck together and they've put some big names in the NFL. They also have a nice architecture program."
The Knights offered Cunningham in May following his spring game.
"I like the program overall," he said. "It's not too far from home and I can see myself playing there. They've had some recent big-time names like Blake Bortles and Storm Johnson, so it's pretty promising if I go down there and do what I have to do."
When Cunningham returns from UCF, he'll go to the drawing board to determine the next four years of his life. Though he's not sure the exact date he'll announce, he senses the urgency to come to a decision sooner than later.
"It's important to decide before the season because college football is a business," he said. "Once a position fills up they can't take anymore at your position and offers start coming off the table. So I want to go ahead and commit."
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