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Where uncommitted five-stars will land during first Early Signing Period

Anthony Cook (Nick Lucero/

The early signing period starts Wednesday with many of us not really knowing what to expect. However, that never stopped me from making predictions, so here are my takes on the uncommitted five-stars expected to sign that day or during the three-day signing period.

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The players: Penn State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Alabama

The prediction: Penn State. This is a bit tricky, as Parsons just visited Georgia, but I’ll say he recommits to Penn State unless the Dawgs staff blew him away. He’s been trending back toward the Nittany Lions for quite some time now.

Confidence level: 80%

The players: LSU and Texas

The prediction: Texas. This was once thought to be an Ohio State vs. Texas battle, but LSU came charging hard and selling DBU while the Buckeyes faded. The Tigers had the momentum recently, but in the end Cooks heads to Tom Herman and Texas with his Houston ties. This is a complete toss-up, however.

Confidence level: 50%

The players: Georgia and Clemson

The prediction: Georgia. It’s been Clemson vs. Georgia for the longest time for Salyer, but home cooking wins out on this one. I feel pretty confident here.

Confidence level: 85%

The players: Ohio State, Clemson, USC

UPDATED: The prediction: Ohio State. Clemson was his leader at one point and a few others have been in the mix, but most expected this to be a lock for the Buckeyes. Now there is word he could end up at Clemson so we'll see.

Confidence level: 50%


The players: Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State

The prediction: Georgia. It appears the weekend visit to UGA swayed his thoughts enough to swing him from a Clemson lean to the Dawgs.

Confidence level: 90%

NOTE: This prediction was updated after obtaining more information on Tuesday.

The players: Oklahoma, Clemson, UCLA, Florida State

Prediction: Oklahoma. It’s unclear if Radley-Hiles will sign or if he’ll just enroll, but if he does decide to sign, I’ll go with Oklahoma in a tight battle over Clemson, UCLA and perhaps now Florida State after a visit this past weekend. He’s been hard to figure since he decommitted from Nebraska, but it was after his OU visit that he decided to become a free agent again and the California pipeline to OU is an impressive one. But again, of everyone on this list, he might be the least likely to sign.

Confidence level: 50%

The players: LSU, Florida State, Texas, Texas A&M

Prediction: LSU. This one appears to be in the bag, as the home state school will win out on the top wide receiver while the other schools he lists don’t seem to have a chance. He’s a Friday announcement rather than Wednesday.

Confidence level: 95%

The players: Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia Tech

The prediction: Clemson. Henry has a final five, more schools than most of the other players on this list, but he’s been linked with Clemson for the longest time, and I don’t think anyone else has pushed through enough to sway him.

Confidence level: 85%

The players: Alabama, Michigan, Maryland

The prediction: Alabama. The Tide seem to be his dream school, and I don’t see him picking anyone else here.

Confidence level: 95%