Crockett makes switch

Three-star running back Malcolm Crockett made a switch earlier today. The 5-foot-11, 180-pounder made the change after an official this past weekend to Pittsburgh.
"It happened today, you know after I went to Pittsburgh I just compared things," he said. "You know I was still committed to Cincinnati at the time, but I just thought things over and I just had a change of heart going up there. I just felt good for my family, it's only four hours away and I felt that was the best decision to further my career.
"I already had a good relationship with the coaches, I was real tight with them since they came over from Michigan, so that was a plus and then I met the head coach, he's a great man. I felt comfortable and I feel this is the best decision for me."

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Obviously the visit was a bit part of Crockett's decision.
"The visit was a big deal," he said. "I had a good time, I met the staff and I love how I'll be used and stuff. I fell in love with that, plus the head coach is a good dude.
"It's also a nice city. It has an urban feel to it and there is so much to do there and you have to have a degree and I can come out of there with a degree."
Little is still known about the program and staff, what sold Crockett on them in such a short time?
"Their program is very consistent," he said. "It's a great program and they're a good team. They did well this past season; they just fell short at the end and could have been in a BCS bowl.
"That's why they got the new staff, to get somebody to push them over the hill. Instead of making it to the hill, they want somebody to push them over."
As for playing time, Crockett sees the chance early in his career.
"They talk about how they only have one back, they told me they're going to play freshman backs and they did with Dion Lewis. He was a freshman," he said. "I feel that I'm going to get the playing time I want, I have to work hard."