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Crist remains mum

Although the L.A Times ran a story this morning saying Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame quarerback Dayne Crist has committed to Notre Dame, the talented signal caller said he will reserve commenting on his decision until after his announcement later tonight.
"I haven't talked to anybody and neither has my coach," Crist said. "I don't know who would have leaked anything but I really don't want to comment until after tonight's announcement.
"I'll be on Fox at 10:30 (PST) and once I make my announcement public, then it's cool to run a story about where I'm going. I taped it last night so I just want to sit back and once it's out, then I'll comment publicly on why I made my choice."
Crist told us Sunday he had narrowed his choices to the Irish, USC, LSU, Michigan and Stanford. We'll have a full story later tonight on why he chose the school he did shortly after his decision is made public on the Fox show.