Creer sets second official visit

Rivals100 running back Lennon Creer is ready to take his second official visit and this time it will be a little bit closer to home.
After visiting Tennessee in September, the 6-foot-1, 202-pound four-star is ready to visit another one of his top schools – Oklahoma. The Sooners currently sit in his top three along with the Volunteers and most recently, Texas.
"I'm going up there with Darnius Moore this weekend to check it out," Creer said. "I don't know what I'm expecting. I'm expecting a different atmosphere I guess (than Tennessee). Overall though, I'm expecting the same sort of things."
With the talk of Adrian Peterson's injury floating around, Creer was asked what he thought about depth charts and an instant playing opportunity.
"That's not a factor with me," Creer said. "You're going to have competition everywhere you go."
The Sooners are a top school on his list for a variety of reasons including the distance from his home in Tatum, Texas.
"Well that but also it's a lot of tradition and they win ever year," Creer said. "They might have an off year but they come back every year and do it again."
Creer mentioned that he has yet to speak with Texas, one of his top three teams, in the last few months.
"I'm not sure what will be after Oklahoma," Creer said. "I'll probably take some more trips after the season."