Creer changing his plans

The deadline that Texas gave Rivals100 running back Lennon Creer came and went without a decision, but it wasn't exactly a cut-and-dry situation.
Creer, the 6-foot-1, 202-pound runner, was supposed to have a decision made by the camp on June 4 before the Horns went ahead to look at other running back targets. However, the four-star prospect was held up due to his sister being involved in a car accident. Creer says that his sister is okay after the incident and it appeared that the Texas coaches understood the extreme circumstances.
But, Creer's feelings may be changing.

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"I told them, they knew about it, and they're trying to get me to come back down there this weekend," Creer said. "I'm not for sure if I'm going, probably not. I didn't like the fact that they put me on a deadline in the first place. I just felt like they're trying to push me into a commitment and I'm not ready to commit."
As of now, Creer says he's wide open. Though he hasn't stated whether or not Texas is completely off the table, he's looking at other options that include Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Miami, and LSU.
"Those schools have a lot of tradition and they win a lot of ball games," Creer said. "I'm looking for that in a program."
Creer also mentioned he doesn't know if he'll go to any camps, but he's thinking about making some visits. One of those will be to check out an SEC school.
"I'm thinking about going out to Tennesee," Creer said. "I talked to some of the coaches and they want to get me up there on a visit. So that's something I'm thinking about."
Without a deadline, when does Creer want to make a decision?
"I don't know," he said. "It's just going to happen when I feel right."