Cox amazed by Nebraska trip

Chans Cox was blown away by his weekend visit to Nebraska and the Huskers have to be considered a frontrunner for the 2013 outside linebacker from Lakeside (Ariz.) Blue Ridge.
It's still early in his recruitment but Cox, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound prospect who has offers from Arizona and Arizona State so far, loved everything about Lincoln.
"Oh my gosh," Cox said. "It's been amazing. I really liked it out there. There's something about the land, too, all the farming. I love it. It's been awesome."

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It was a whirlwind weekend for Cox, who flew to Nebraska early Saturday morning and really got a good dose of what the program has to offer. Finishing up the night with a come-from-behind victory over Ohio State definitely capped off a good day. It was a great weekend all around.
"They first took me to the academic center and they sat down and talked to me about that," Cox said. "I thought that was really cool because it's something they focus on a lot, the academics there.
"I loved seeing how much they care and coach (Bo) Pelini was telling me the student-athletes aren't missing classes or they'd get in trouble. That's something I really liked, how much they care about that stuff.
"The game was so awesome. I got to stand next to (Ndamukong) Suh down there on the sidelines. It was just awesome. It was really cool, the whole atmosphere, because everybody in the whole town is at the game. It's been really overwhelming all the stuff I dealt with and talking to all the coaches, it's been really awesome."
Nebraska has not offered yet but Cox is not too concerned because he said the coaching staff told him they rarely offer juniors. That also played well with Cox, who said he really wants to build a strong relationship moving forward.
"They're really interested and this is another thing I love about Nebraska is that they care so much about building the relationship with the athlete so they don't offer juniors," Cox said.
"They want to make sure they have that relationship built and that I'm the kind of player they're looking for. I talked to all the coaches and they're really interested and happy I came out. I'd love to go play at Nebraska."
Another big visit is coming up for Cox in a couple weeks. The 2013 standout is expected to visit Notre Dame for its big matchup against USC.