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Covering Seals-Jones at Challenge a challenge

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For his trip to the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge, Sealy (Texas) standout Ricky Seals-Jones hopes that those charged with slowing him down do not get frustrated.
The nation's top-ranked wide receiver understands if they do, of course, but advises them to keep their heads high.
"I guess if you see a guy that is 6-6 line up against you every time that can get off the line, can run, and can jump, it would get frustrating," he said. "You just get worn out with it. It can probably be intimidating."
Seals-Jones was not trying to be brash or cocky; it was almost as though he never thought of what it is like to be covering him.
While the humility was palpable the confidence was brimming on each word the Texas commit let out when discussing his trip to Atlanta for the invitation-only event to be held at Lakewood Stadium in South Atlanta from June 22-24.
"I am ready to show what I can do," he said. "It is an honor to be invited and I am ready to go out and go hard.
"I think it will be fun but the first thing on my mind is the competition. I want to be out there working and proving I earned my spot."
As the No. 1 player at his position and the No. 18 overall player in the Rivals100, it was no surprise that Seals-Jones would be involved in the inaugural event. But he was honored nonetheless.
"It really was special to get asked to participate," he said. "When I heard about it I figured I would get invited and I was glad that I did.
"I know how hard I worked to get to the top spot. So now I have to go and defend that spot and work hard to stay there."
While the ranking is not what Seals-Jones is focused on, it does fuel his desire.
"Working hard paid off," he said. "But the work is never over. There is always someone out there that is hungry to take your spot and so you have to keep going out and showing where you belong.
"I didn't look too much at who will be at the camp, but I know that I have to work my game and let the chips fall where they may. I have to play hard each play and do what I am capable of doing."
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Ricky Seals-Jones said that he doesn't think he has seen the ceiling of what he is capable of doing and that excites him.
It should also worry those that are asked to stop him from reaching his limits.
"Physically, there are not many guys that will keep me from getting off the ball," he said. "It is hard to body me up and then try to run with me.
"This is going to be getting everyone ready for college and I hope that my performance shows I am ready to take that step."
Mike Farrell's take
Is he a wide receiver in a tight end's body or a tight end who wants to be a wide receiver? That's the big question when it comes to Seals-Jones and if he can prove the former, he could leave Atlanta as a five-star. Rivals.com has never had a year where the No. 1 wideout wasn't a five-star and this likely won't be the first, so someone will step up and prove it. Right now, Seals-Jones is in the pole position for such status and at 6-foot-6 and more than 220 pounds, he'll be hard to check off the line and hard to handle downfield. He's the one guy Kendall Fuller, the nation's No. 1 cornerback, wanted at the event and that matchup will be fun to watch.
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