Cousins likes NIKE exposure

Holland (Mich.) Christian quarterback Kirk Cousins is hoping for an injury free senior season. The 6-foot-2 and 172-pounder played less than five full games during his junior season after breaking his ankle during the first game.
Cousins, in his limited time still completed 58% of his passes for 1200 yards. He connected for 12 touchdowns with eight interceptions.
Cousins is hoping football camp exposure this spring and summer will be a boost to his recruiting.
"I went to the NIKE Camp at Penn State on Saturday," Cousins said. "It went pretty good. There were a lot of college coaches there. It was good exposure."
Even before the NIKE Camp Cousins was drawing interest from recruiters.
"I've been getting some letters from schools," he said. "With all the coaches at the NIKE Camp, hopefully I'll get some calls."
Cousins has an idea of what type of college he is looking for.
"I'm definitely interested in schools that are academically challenging," he said. "Stanford, Vanderbilt, Baylor, and Northwestern would be good ones.
"If not those, then maybe the MAC schools would be a good option. Central Michigan and Western Michigan are a couple schools pretty close to home."