Countryman still mulling decision

Cameron Countryman has a difficult decision to make although it's not necessarily a problem since both outcomes are good ones.
The Los Angeles (Calif.) Beverly Hills wide receiver has to choose between playing big-time college football - probably somewhere in the Pac-12 - or going to the Ivy League, playing there but not on the biggest stage. Both are great situations but Countryman said it's been difficult figuring it out.
"I'm still waiting it out," Countryman said. "I probably won't make a decision until I take a couple official visits.
"I'm really split between the whole Ivy League and big-time football thing. It bounces back and forth every day I think about it. I'm just going to wait it out, take some visits and then hopefully I'll have a better idea.
"It's not to bash on Ivy League football because it's still Division I football but they don't take it as seriously. It's a decision that will influence the rest of my life so I don't want to rush anything."
Colorado, Arizona State and Utah are the three main Pac-12 schools recruiting Countryman, a 6-foot, 170-pound prospect who said Northwestern has also gotten heavily involved in his recruitment.
Princeton and Penn are the two Ivy League programs that have gotten the most involved with him as well. Over the next few weeks, Countryman said he's going to plan some official visits and those could help him make his decision.
"It's so difficult having to choose between the Ivy League and Division I football," Countryman said.
"You want to play in front of the big crowds and be on TV but at the same time you want to be set up for life after football so it's a tough one."
In his junior season, Countryman averaged 25.7 yards per catch.