Corney looking for more attention

During the summer camp circuit, one of the biggest surprises was the play of Canadian athlete Trent Corney. A move to the U.S. seemed to be in the works for his senior season, but after a couple of things fell through, Corney is back in Ontario playing his final season and hoping to grab a few offers.
"Everything is going pretty well," said Corney, who is 6-foot-3 and 235-pounds. "I'm playing in two leagues right now. In high school and a junior football league, which is 23 and under."
Corney is playing his high school football at Brockville (Ont.) Thousand Islands, but almost made a move to a U.S. school in the summer.
"I was supposed to play in Red Lion Christian in Delaware," said Corney. "I was there for two weeks, but my high school in Canada sent the wrong transcript saying that I graduated when I really didn't. Red Lion was under a lot of heat already, so they didn't want to take any chances even though the second transcript was correct."
Corney, who already holds an offer from Buffalo, gave an update on his recruiting process.
"I'm talking to a number of big time schools and all of them want to see some video," said Corney. "I'm hearing from Rutgers, Pitt, Georgia, Stanford and Boston College."
Corney has taken unofficial visits to Buffalo and Pittsburgh this fall, and will wait to see what the reaction is of his highlight tape before he schedules future visits. He did share his thoughts on his offer from Buffalo.
"It's great and they have everything a young student athlete could want," said Corney. "I just want to pursue other options before I decide. I feel like I haven't shown schools who I am yet as a football player."
Possessing impressive size and athleticism, Corney can play multiple positions.
"I'm being recruited as an outside linebacker, tight end, a little running back and even as a bigger wide receiver," said Corney.
While he did not have the opportunity to play his senior season in the U.S., Corney is still happy with how has game has continued to progress.
"I've actually been coached this season and I'm learning to play defense for the first time," said Corney. "I learned how to trust my teammates and to be disciplined and do my job. I feel like physically I'm a lot better than last year also. I'm bigger, stronger and faster from working hard in the off-season. I've also competed against some of the great talent down south and I know how hard I have to work to be the best. I've learned so much from camps down south and basically overall I'm improved in every single aspect. I'm also more motivated than last year, because I now what's at stake and what I'm playing for."
Corney attended the summer camp at Michigan State and also 7-on-7 events at Rutgers, Pittsburgh and in Dallas, Texas.