Cooper stays home

Willie Cooper was missing from the visitors in Norman this past weekend. From the sounds of it, it would not have mattered to either him or the Oklahoma coaches.
“I didn’t make it,” Cooper said. “I had to be back on the (December) 22. I had to go to the Jacksonville Jaguars game to be part of the “Super 24” ceremony. We couldn’t schedule around it.
“Oklahoma told me not to worry about re-scheduling. They told me that they had committed two safeties already, and that I really didn’t need to come. It didn’t mean that much. I knew that I wanted to stay in the state of Florida.”
Which Florida school sticks out to the young safety, and how will he make his ultimate decision?
“Well, I’m going to stay in state, and I’m going to take all of my visits to the three Florida schools (Florida, Florida State and Miami.)”
“All three really do the same thing with their free safeties, it’s all about the feeling I get on my visits,” he said. “I could hold out until signing day, or I might commit sooner (but after all three visits), if I feel really strongly about it. It’s really about the feeling I get on my visits.”