Cooks first offer is a big one

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio quarterback Connor Cook landed his first scholarship offer Sunday during an unofficial visit to East Lansing. Michigan State moved on the 6-foot-3 passer from Walsh Jesuit High School.
"We got up here at about 11 o'clock today," Cook said. "We went to the coaches office to meet with Coach [Pat] Narduzzi, Coach [Dave] Warner, and Coach [Don] Treadwell. Then, my parents and I were with Coach Narduzzi, my dad went to use the restroom before we sat down, and Coach Narduzzi said he was too excited to wait for my Dad to get back to offer the scholarship. So he offered, said they really like me and my film. My dad comes in after than, and asks what happened. Coach Narduzzi gave him the offer letter without really telling him what the letter was about. My dad read it and was like 'well then.'
"I was surprised. It is my first official offer. It just means a lot. I was thrilled and honored. The coaches seem super nice, really sincere. They all just seem to take their job seriously and are really committed to the program. But at the same time, they can be more than a coach, they can be your friend or someone to relate to.

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The Spartans basketball team lost to Ohio State 74-67. Regardless, Cook had a great time at the game.
"It was nuts," Cook said. "The crowd was crazy and so loud. The fans were really into it."
Though Cook is from Ohio, he did not take any comfort in the Buckeyes' win.
"I have never really been a Buckeyes fan, my dad played football for the Hoosiers," Cook said. "So I was definitely rooting for Michigan State."
Cook did not commit on his visit, but hopes to have a decision before his senior season kicks off.