Conrad adds Indiana offer

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson was busy opening the Hoosier's fall camp this weekend, but he and his staff also hosted a large group of recruiting visitors in conjunction with Sunday's practice.
One of those in attendance Sunday was La Grange (Ohio) Keystone tight end C.J. Conrad, who picked up an offer from the Wilson during the visit.
"I didn't know if it was going to happen or not," Conrad said. "In the middle of practice he came up to me and said 'We're going to offer you,' and 'I wanted to make sure I did it.'"
Conrad drove down to Bloomington on Sunday with his father, and was also able to spend time talking with tight ends coach Seth Littrell.
"I talked to Coach Littrell before when I was at their camp this summer," Conrad said. "He was very interested in me [then], so we just picked up where we started. I had never talked to Coach Wilson before, so me and him talked quite a bit and I really like him."
Although he has visited Indiana before, Sunday's trip allowed Conrad to experience more of the campus and program than his previous visit did.
"I got to watch practice, tour the facilities, and really enjoyed my time down there. I'm glad I got a chance to go," Conrad said. "I've already seen the facilities before, but I got to see it a little more in-depth. The practice was the coolest thing.
"I kind of wanted to see what their practice was like, what kind of tempo their offense was and how I would fit that offense. They go at it and I would definitely fit in their offense, I think. It looks like my type of offense."
The offer and return visit has sparked greater interest for Conrad in the Hoosiers, and he is already looking at his next trip to Bloomington.
"I definitely want to get out there in the fall and watch a game or two," he said. "Me and my dad will look at the schedule and see what games we'll go to this year."
Sunday was the last college visit Conrad will take this summer. The 6-foot-5, 220-pound prospect now focuses on his own season, and opened camp with his team on Monday.