Coney makes his pledge

Four-star quarterback Bennie Coney out of Plant City, Fla. made his selection this morning. After rumors spread over the weekend, Coney made it official for Cincinnati with a call to the staff.
"I talked to the coaches this morning," he said. "I talked to Coach Banks and the staff, they were happy, they were really ecstatic.
"They just told me how happy they were that I was joining the family and they can't wait to get things rolling."

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In the end it was a tight decision for Coney between the Bearcats and Hokies.
"It was really close, but I felt like I made the right decision," he said. "It was more to it than playing time cause you're not always going to get playing time.
"It was also just know that it's not all about football, the coaches actually care about the kids after football. Going there, I got a feeling of that family atmosphere and a feeling like it's home, it was great."
The coaches played a big factor for Coney in his decision.
"They were just down-to-earth," he said. "I feel like they showed interest throughout and they are really good people. They recruited me from day one and have been with me through the ups and downs. They were still on me throughout and I commend them for that and thank them for that."
In terms of playing time, Coney sees an opportunity to play early if he earns the spot.
"I'm loving the spot," he said. "Zach Collaros is graduating and I come in, in December. I have a chance to go in and compete in the spring. It's in my favor to win the spot. I have confidence in myself that I'll be playing and get the start. I'm competing with about four other guys."
As for the offense, that was something big for Coney too.
"They spread the ball around and they do a little running with the quarterback," he said. "I like how they use the quarterback with the option and spread."
Coney is thrilled with his choice.
"Overall I just want to thank God and thank my family, teammates and coaches for supporting me through the whole situation."