Commodores impress Voytik

The initial get-together between Chad Voytik and the first-year coaches at Vanderbilt went well, according to the Cleveland, Tenn., junior quarterback.
"I went there Saturday," Voytik told Rivals.com. "I'm loving the new staff. You can definitely feel the energy."
It wasn't junior day in Nashville. Voytik simply went on his own, and was glad he did.

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"It was nice to have that one-on-one time, and get to know those guys," Voytik said. "I was with the quarterback coach and the offensive coordinator for most of the day. Me and my dad. [Head coach James Franklin] was actually flying in that day, but he wanted to make sure he got to meet with me."
He did, and that meeting exceeded expectations.
"I got to sit with him for awhile," Voytik said. "It went great. He had this power point for me, and he was putting in his input. You can just feel the energy when he talked. You can feel he wants to change that school and its football program. It was exciting."
Aside from Vanderbilt, Voytik also has offers from Arkansas State, Mississippi State and Virginia. Additionally, Georgia and Tennessee are among those showing interest. Despite his positive experience at Vanderbilt, Voytik still has the Bulldogs, who were the first to offer, in front.
"Right now, I'm definitely sticking with Mississippi State [as the leader]," Voytik said. "[Head coach Dan Mullen] has shown that he is a fit coach. He's got the program right where he wants it. I'd definitely keep them in front right now."
That said, the Commodores are very much in the hunt, he added.
"I've always had a positive outlook toward Vanderbilt, with their reputation and how prestigious the school is," Voytik said.
"Vanderbilt is real appealing to me. I take my studies seriously. I have a goal in that area. I know Vanderbilt would help me with that. That's why I'm anxious to see what they can do [on the football field], if they can piece it all together."