Rivals.com - Commitment Issues Podcast: Recruiting under quarantine
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Commitment Issues Podcast: Recruiting under quarantine

Woody Wommack and Dave Lackford get together to discuss recruiting under quarantine and how coaches are going to handle evaluating prospects given the lack of in-person evaluations so far in 2020. They also share some stories, including Woody’s run-in with rats and the duo’s younger days of owning beater cars that had to be pushed on a regular basis.

Open — Talking about how recruits and schools are handling attention and recruiting during the coronavirus recruiting dead period. How much do the current wave of commitments mean and will they stick? How are schools going to evaluate if they can’t hold on-campus camps this June?

33:25 — Woody shares a story about rats spotted at his house and Dave shares some old vermin stories of his own.

42:35 — Football players are impressing people by pushing cars on the Internet, which is unimpressive and nothing new to Woody and Dave.