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Commitment Breakdown: Four-star Florida WR Tyler Williams to Georgia

Georgia lands four-star 2023 Florida WR Tyler Williams
Georgia lands four-star 2023 Florida WR Tyler Williams (Rivals)

The recruiting battle for Tyler Williams went down to the end among top southern and southeastern programs that included South Carolina, Texas A&M, Miami, Clemson, and Georgia. In the end, the Bulldogs won out landing one of the best four-star receivers in the nation.


Georgia is getting a receiver that is a game changer, yet he has not come anywhere near his full potential. Williams is still learning the game but is such a freakish athlete he can put points up on the board from anywhere if he gets the ball in his hands. To the point, he only had 12 receptions as a junior put averaged 30.5 yards per reception covering 366 yards with five touchdowns.


Speed and size make Williams different than those in his peer group. The Lakeland receiver is a legit 6-foot, four-inches, listed at 205 pounds. He reports a 4.47 40-yard dash, and his speed on the field this season shows that. Against Winter Haven, he took the opening kickoff back some 97 yards and had a punt return for around 75 yards turning on the jets when he saw the lane.


The Bulldogs always stockpile fantastic talent, adding a third four-star receiver to the 2023 class keeps the proverbial shelves full. Williams is that big receiver who can win games in the red zone, get separation off the line to take the top off the defense, and move the chains extending drives. He’s too fast to be just a possession receiver, too good to just utilize near the red zone, Williams has immense upside.


“People say Georgia doesn’t throw the ball, but after watching them play in the season opener, Georgia impressed me the most out of all the schools that are in my top-five,” Williams said.

Lakeland assistant coach Marvin Frazier on Williams

“With Tyler Williams, I don’t think there is a receiver in the country with a higher ceiling; he just started,” Williams said. “He’s 6-3, 205 – he’s a 5-5 scat receiver trapped in that body. He can make a play on any route. It is amazing how he plays at his size.

“I don’t think there is anyone with more of a ceiling. The other guys have been doing it for years and playing on the 7-on-7 circuit. Tyler was a quarterback and a point guard. Now he is a receiver and taking it seriously. He has the highest ceiling of anyone in the country at the receiver spot. That is what Georgia is getting, they are getting something scary. If they can put it in the right context, it will be scary.”