Colton kicker still on the market

Unless you've been through the recruiting process before, there's going to be a few bumps in the road. For Colton, Calif., kicker Alejandro Maldonado the process is definitely a new one, and he hit a bump this week after he told last week that he had committed to Washington.
"It feels really good," Maldonado originally told last week about Washington's offer. "I would say I'm a soft commitment, but I was told that I could come in there right and be their starting kicker right away.
"I know that coach Sarkisian had a lot of success at USC, and he's going to bring that up to Washington. I also know they signed Chris Polk from REV a while back. It rains a lot up there, but I can kick in the rain. I'm just excited they're giving me this opportunity."
However, Maldonado later clarified his situation and wanted to make recruiters know he's still on the market.
"I thought committed meant that I accepted the scholarship but I had my options still open," Maldonado, who is 5-foot-11 and 190 pounds, said. "So in all reality I didn't commit. The misunderstanding was my fault."
Maldonado, who is one of the top kickers in the West, went on to explain further what happened.
"I kicked really good at practice and Washington really liked me and they just offered me a full ride scholarship," Maldonado said. "I've talked to coach Johnny Nansen, and he wants me to commit, but I said I'm excited and thanks for the offer.
"So he knows I didn't commit. So there's no commitment, but yes I got a offered a full ride."