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Colleges lining up to see 2010 WR

Life is good for Dallas (Texas) Skyline wide receiver Mike Davis. The 2010 prospect is already one of the most highly recruited players in the state of Texas if not the country. On Wednesday, Davis enjoyed just another day in the life of an elite prospect.
"There was a lot of scouts at the school today," Davis said. "Bob Stoops came through. There was like four coaches from Oklahoma. Notre Dame came. They really liked me. I'm like they're number one guy. I'm the number one guy on all of their boards. Texas came down too and Utah and Baylor."
While seeing coaches walk through the Skyline High School halls is nothing new to anyone at the talent-laden program, the appearance of one school in particular did stand out.
"I was excited when I saw Notre Dame 'cause you know, Notre Dame doesn't come down here too much," he said. "I really get excited when I see coaches but it's every day so I'm pretty used to it now."
With football season over, none of the several coaches on campus got a chance to see Davis do what he does best which is catch passes. That is not to say they weren't treated to a taste of his athleticism. Davis had basketball practice and used that setting to show off a little bit of his ability. At 6-foot-1, Davis can play above the rim.
"We weren't really doing anything," said Davis who had 13 assists in a game the night before. "I dunked it a couple of times. I think Bob Stoops wanted to see if I could jump. I 'windmilled' one. I think they were impressed."
After getting home from practice and the college coaching convention at the Skyline gym, Davis had more recruiting news when he received an official Nebraska offer in the mail.
"They're building something there," he said of the Nebraska program. "They've got Rex Burkhead going there and they have that All-American linebacker (Parade All-American Chris Williams). I'm definitely going to look into them."
Nebraska coaches have to be encouraged with Davis' reaction to the offer but the line is long for interested coaches. Already Davis is starting to come up with some favorites.
"I know Florida hasn't offered yet but I'm liking Florida," he said. "I like Oklahoma, [Texas] Tech and I'm like USC too. I'm going to start liking Notre Dame too. There's some more but I can't think of them."
Davis' early junior day schedule includes stops at Texas and Oklahoma as well as a possible stop at Texas Tech.