Coleman getting focused on defense

Tyson Coleman wanted to get recruiting out of the way, not be burdened by all the coaches and phone calls and visits and everything that comes with being a top-level recruit.
So when the Lake Oswego, Ore. prospect found what he liked at Oregon he decided to quickly end the recruiting process and commit to the Ducks in mid-October of his junior season.
It's a decision he doesn't regret one bit. He still likes Oregon more than any other school and Sunday at the Eugene NIKE Camp he was one of the best players working out in Oregon's luxurious indoor practice facility.

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"My two schools growing up were USC and Oregon," Coleman said. "I went down to USC, it was cool and stuff, but as soon as I came down to Oregon I immediately fell in love with it and it's close to my family and a great college campus.
"The facilities are cool but you have to come here for four years. I love the location. I asked myself if I wasn't playing football where would I want to go to school and this is definitely a place for that. I really like the coaches a lot, too. They're all great.
"After I committed I talked to Curtis White and he told me it's a breath of fresh air. Now I'm going to focus on my grades which need to get right so that's important."
Coleman is a 6-foot-2, 200-pound prospect who mixes athleticism with strength, a defensive back who might grow into an outside linebacker. He also plays running back in high school but will play defense for the Ducks. He's looking forward to focusing on one thing because playing both ways in high school gets tiresome.
"I find it exciting," said Coleman, who also had offers from Oregon State and Washington. "In high school I'm kind of tired all the time from playing offense and defense so this will give me time to rest and come in and give 100 percent on defense. I'll be able to focus on it more which will help a lot."
If Coleman had his wish, he'd like to stay at defensive back in college but if he continues to grow that might not be a possibility. At Sunday's NIKE Camp, he was outstanding in coverage and even when he got beaten by a wide receiver Coleman had the speed to catch up before the ball got there.
The Rivals 250 to watch member said he's conscious of his size but not too worried about it. If it happens that he moves to outside linebacker he's fine with it. More than anything he's focused on getting better so when he gets to Oregon he's ready to go.
"I work out and lift all the time," Coleman said. "I try to eat healthy so I'm not trying to get too big but whatever happens happens. I'm just going to work hard. I'd like to stay in the defensive backfield but I know when I come to Oregon the coaches will do what's best for me. If it's playing SAM linebacker, that will be what's best. I'm just trying to get in and get on the field as fast as possible."