Coffee has strength and speed

Matt Coffee out of Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. has one offer under his belt to date but with the kind of work he is doing in the offseason, that number could quickly go up.
"I've got one offer from Illinois," Coffee said. "I haven't gotten any other official offers. I've been talking to Alabama a lot. They've been on me pretty hard, probably the most really. Lance Thompson is my recruiter."
The interest from the Crimson Tide is welcomed from Coffee who has a clear favorite though can't put a finger on why.

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"I'm really leaning towards them the most really," he said of Alabama. "If they offered me that'd be big. That'd be great if they offered. Yeah, I'd probably commit if they offered. I just like everything really. I just don't feel the same when I go to other colleges as I do when I go to Alabama."
Coffee lists Florida State, Florida and Clemson as other schools that have shown him interest and he hopes to build on that interest with an appearance at the April 26 Nike Football Training Camp in Baton Rouge.
Currently, Coffee is running track and lifting weights where he is putting up some impressive numbers.
"I'm doing track and weight lifting right now," he said. "I just got back from a weight meet. I'm lifting in the 219-pound division. I bench around 350 pounds and clean around 350 pounds. I went to state last year in weight lifting and I should win it this year."
At 210 pounds, Coffee clearly has strength but he has power too, running the 100 in just over 11 seconds.