Codys flying high

Nick Cody has experienced some amazing highs and lows over the past year.
After suffering one of the biggest lows in his life when his father, Clifton Cody, passed away from cancer the day of his final game in 2006, Cody's life has rebounded in an amazing way. He's ranked as the No. 3 player in Washington and a member of the Rivals250, but none of those compare to the high he experienced today.
Cody announced just moments ago on Rivals Radio he has committed to Oregon, turning down 10 other scholarship offers from teams like Oregon State, Purdue, UCLA and Washington State.
"They say in the recruiting process that when you find the right school, the right campus, and the right place for you, you can just feel it," Cody, who is a 6-foot-5, 289-pound offensive tackle from Brush Prairie (Wash.) Hockinson, said. "When there's no doubt in your mind that no matter what and there's no other school that makes you feel that same way, then that's the perfect school for you.
"For me, Oregon just felt right."
It was on an visit to Eugene earlier this summer for a camp, where he discovered it was the right place for him. And he knows his father would have approved of his choice.
"It felt awesome," Cody said about his time in Eugene.
"My mom and my head coach were in the stands when I was working out on Autzen, and I could feel my dad smiling down on me. It just felt right, like I belonged there. My mom even said she felt like he was there."
His interest in the Ducks started when he was on campus in Eugene for a basketball camp last year.
"I had been on campus for their basketball team camp last summer, and I thought 'wow, I have to check this place out.' " Cody said.
"It was a comfortable campus, a good program and it just didn't have all the stressful surroundings of your usual campus. When I started getting offers, taking visits, and looking around, I really kept an open mind and thought 'Ok, how would I feel if I went here?'
Cody said his coaches were tough on him through most of the process because his school had never produced a Division I prospect before him. His coaches wanted him to be sure of his decision to pick the Ducks.
"They asked me 'Ok, what would you do if you had an offer from every school in the nation?' " Cody said. "Would you still be firm in this?' When I thought about it enough, I realized that I was happy with my decision, and that the Floridas, the USCs, the Ohio States just aren't me. Oregon is me.
"Through the whole process, my coaches guided me, making sure I thought deeply about everything. I will be the first D-I kid signing from Hockinson ever, so it was a really big deal to everyone around here. They've been tough on me, but when we took a trip down to Eugene for their half day camp, met all the coaches, and got to do some drills in Autzen, I think everyone knew it was right. My coaches wanted to buy Duck gear right after that trip."
Cody said he's definitely relieved to have his decision over with.
"It's been a great experience, but I don't want to drag it out if I feel this," he said. "All the coaches recruiting me have been great. I kind of learned how to use a cell phone like a regular teenager. It's nuts. Never did I think I would ever be texting people. I thought it was kind of fun. I might actually do it a lot more now."
Just like he's smiling a lot more now.
"Times are much better," he said.