Cobb emerges out of the shadows

One of the most well-known names in the recruiting world is Houston (Texas) Cy-Fair running back Sam McGuffie. His circus runs and spectacular moves have made him a highlight film legend. But many of those runs wouldn't have been possible if not for the blocking of his fullback, Wesley Cobb. In fact, Cobb had quite a year running the ball in his own right.
"I guess if you watched us in the first game, our starting tailback Sam McGuffie got hurt and they had me fill in at tailback and moved me back there," Cobb said. "At tailback, I got 147 yards but we lost. A few too many mental mistakes.
"I ended up starting three games at tailback and moved back to fullback when Sam came back. I went for 1,500 yards even and scored 12 or 13 touchdowns."
The move to tailback came out of necessity, but Cobb clearly fit the bill and he enjoyed the change of pace.
"It was kind of different having to play the whole game as a tailback," he said. "But when Sam came back it just added another weapon to our arsenal."
Cobb's recruitment has begun to pick up as signing day approaches and he recently scored a visit from some Air Force Academy coaches.
"Coach Burton, the defensive line coach, I met with both him and the head coach, Coach Calhoun," he said. "They stopped by the school. I thought that coming from the Air Force they would be real stiff-necked but they were really cool. I saw them in the bowl game and they looked pretty good."
Along with Air Force, Cobb is getting the most interest from Truman State and Stephen F. Austin but he says he is in no rush to make a decision.
"I don't think I'm in a rush," he said. "It's kind of a big decision and I want to make sure I make the right one."